the power of storytelling

How we approach how we might interpret the world comes from the narratives we catch wind of it. Our point of view will be deficient assuming that significant perspectives are absent. The encounters of individuals who live in Africa’s regular scenes, and the needs of the policymakers entrusted with safeguarding them, have again and again been sidelined.

Working with expert writers to grow the profundity, reach, and recurrence of their detailing is among the best approaches to expanding the scope of voices engaged with key conversations. The Space for Goliaths African Protection News-casting Project supports, enables, and coaches proficient columnists working for African public print, on the web or broadcast media.

That implies more African crowds read or view more anecdotes about protection. By banding together with ESI Media, proprietor of The Free in England, and republishing those accounts in the worldwide media, the Program likewise enhances African voices in the worldwide protection banter.

Sent off in 2017, the Program has worked with latino six writers each in Uganda and Kenya, who together contact an expected crowd of in excess of 30 million East Africans. The quantity of preservation stories these 12 columnists have delivered has expanded from 24 out of 2017 to 371 of every 2020. With help from USAID’s VukaNow: Battling Untamed life Wrongdoing in Southern Africa Movement, the Program is currently venturing into southern Africa. It started off in Botswana in December 2021, and will send off in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Angola in 2022. You can peruse the most recent stories from Southern Africa here.

The Program is planned and coordinated by Mike Pflanz, the previous Africa Journalist of England’s Everyday Message and East Africa Reporter of the US Christian Science Screen.

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